Thursday, March 8, 2007

Hello Pasta

Last night I made a really easy pasta sauce. Remember those little tomatoes? I roasted them with some olive oil and italian seasonings. Then I crushed them and tossed them in with some sauteed zuchhinni. I cooked some garlic and basil linguini I got from Trader Joes and tossed all together, but decided I wasn't hungry. So I put it in a container and had it tonight. It was worth the wait. This was definitely a dish that got better with age. The pasta absorbed the flavors along with it's own and it was quite nice. I will grate fresh parmesan over anything and this was no exception. Paired with some more fresh greens, the addictive garbanzo beans and some super sweet snap peas, this was another easy, quick, healthy and flavorful meal.

Eventually I will be creating more complicated recipes, but I'm working with what I have now and ease is the key. Hopefully I'll be baking soon as well.

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