Monday, March 19, 2007

Eggs of Shame

I'm off my game right now. I have a twitchy eye, chest congestion, parent conferences and a major trip coming up. I've never been the type to stress, but I think I am. In turn, I've basically given up on cooking anything remotely interesting or delicious this past week or so. I'm too cranky or tired so I'm resorting to easy things like cereal, oatmeal or my newest discovery (which isn't new, just to me) scrambled eggs via microwave oven. It's kind of like a Lifetime Network movie. Microwaved Eggs: My Hidden Shame.

To be honest, I've always poo-poo'd microwaved eggs. I have a vague memory of my mom (I think) exploding some in the microwave when I was little and another vague memory of...well, I don't have another microwaved egg related memory, but somewhere along the lines I formed a belief that they turned out gross and rubbery. I'm not sure how that myth was perpetuated, but I finally dispelled it in a fit of SUPREME laziness. I didn't feel like washing the pan for the eggs, so I just decided to nuke a mug, because that was all that was clean.'s that bad for me sometimes.

I was in uncharted territory. I rarely COOK in the microwave. It's used for heating up frozen dinners or warming a cup of water (which I don't even do now thanks to the best electric kettle ever). It was almost ridiculous how easy this was. Two eggs in a mug, splash o' water, lightly mixed...I put them in and set it for a minute, fluffing them up every 15-20 seconds. I'm weird and kind of like my eggs on the "rare" side...meaning a little runny, but not TOO much. I even buy pasturized eggs which are specifically designed for this type of thing.

Anyway, to my complete and utter shock, my eggs came out fluffy and perfect. I like them better than stove-top to be honest. They don't stick, the fluff factor is much's perfect. I usually microwave a bowl of instant grits and mix the eggs in with a little cheddar for good measure. It's unfortunate how easy this is, because it's all I have the energy for lately.

I'll be cooking tomorrow for two, so I hope I can get my act together. Eggs of shame and giant bowls of grapefruit aren't exactly well rounded meals.

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Jess said...

Eggs of Shame in the microwave was actually one of the first "real" things I was allowed to cook when I was little. And I still like them that way. I used to make them in a Pyrex measuring cup.