Thursday, March 1, 2007

Cooking: Why is there a screwdrive in there?

Learning to cook is probably easier for some than others. I think, like other skills or gifts, you are born with it. Let me rephrase that…I think people are born with more “potential” in some areas. Not everyone can draw or paint or play a musical instrument. Just ask anyone who attempts to draw a frog that is immediately considered a piece of toast with legs. In my defense, I know I’m better at cooking than drawing, so perhaps my art manifests food-like products, hence the toast. Not everyone can become a great athlete or actor or plumber. The same can be said with cooking and baking. I will never be an Olympian. I own colored pencils that like to sit and judge me. My only attempt to play a musical instrument was through 3 misguided middle school years when I pretended to play the flute. Perhaps I should have gone to band camp.

Point being, cooking is my thing. I can detect flavors in foods, I have a good idea of what flavors go well together and I’m not afraid to experiment. I love cookbooks and food blogs. I like trying new restaurants, but I’m fairly alone in my desire to try the new and unusual. I’ll probably try ANYTHING once…I mean, I have limits but I’m pretty daring when given the opportunity. I will play it safe in restaurants many times, but I do yearn for the adventure of spending an evening doing one of those tasting menu ordeals, complete with wines for each plate. ONE DAY!

This blog will be a buffet (oh look, i incorporated a food term to be clever) of memories, recipes, pictures and general discussion regarding my life with and love of food. Mangia!

P.S. There IS a screw driver in my cabinets (see it next to the bread?). It just occured to me that there is a kind of parallel there. A screw driver is a tool as are the ingredients in my pantry. I'm not trying to be symbolic and I'm not even sure why the screw driver is even in there...but I felt like pointing that out.


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Anonymous said...

The real question is where do you keep your hammer?